Olympic Torch:

The Olympic Torch has begun its round-the-world relay amid tight security in the Chinese capital Beijing. Carried by Liu Xiang – Team Nutrilite.

Relay begins in Beijing

The symbolic start to China’s Olympic Games took place at Tiananmen Square.

Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang – Team Nutrilite.
World-record holder, 110m hurdles

On July 11, 2006, Liu Xiang raced to victory in the 110-meter hurdles at the IAAF Super Grand Prix in Lausanne, Switzerland, setting a new world record with a time of just 12.88 seconds. Just five years earlier, at the tender age of 18, Xiang burst onto the racing scene by making the semifinals at the World Championships. One year later, he set the World Junior and Asian records for the 110-meter hurdles. And just a year after that, Xiang won gold at the 2004 Olympic Games. Today, Xiang is the newest global brand ambassador for Nutrilite. “I will definitely deliver the Nutrilite philosophy to every corner of the world,” said Xiang.

Race techniques
Xiang set his world record in the 110-meter hurdles. The 110-meter hurdles is considered the standard sprint hurdle race and includes 10 42-inch-high hurdles, which participants must leap over as they run. The first hurdle is placed 15 yards from the starting line and the distance between hurdles is 10 yards.

The A Word:

As North American IBOs debate & struggle with the change of name from Quixtar to Amway Global what are your opinions on a single brand identity for Amway throughout the world?

ABOs from UK:

This space is for you to post specific comments etc relating to the Amway business in the UK. You decide what you want to post here [but keep the posting rules in mind]

Quixtar/Amway Global Advert:

With thanks to IBOfightback, WestIBO and ss3251 for posting and help on http://www.thetruthaboutamway.com/

Today, March 28, 2008, Quixtar (Amway Global in North America) launched the “Now you Know” campaign, phase I of a three phase campaign to increase awareness of the company and create positive impression about the brand. The first public component is a full page add in today’s USA Today.

The ad states –

We thought you should know a little about who we are today.
We’re Amway Global. In North America, we proudly operate as Quixtar.

We started as the dream of two men and now operate in 50 countries. We have $6.8 billion in annual sales from the efforts of over 3 million people who own their own businesses.

We hold more than 700 patents, employ more than 300 scientists, and have developed more than 450 quality products. We also marketed the first multivitamin and multimineral in North America. We even own our own organic farms.

Our NUTRILITE products are the number-one selling vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements in the world.* Together with our ARTISTRY skin care, we’re the number-one online health and beauty retailer in America.**

That’s why we’re proud to be a longtime, accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and a recongnized industry leader in direct selling.

We created the One by One Campaing ot improve the lives of children. To date, we’ve donated more than $50 million and volunteered over 800,000 hours of time to this worthy cause.

We believe that success is about helping people live better lives. Now you know.

To get better acquainted, contaft a QUIXTAR Independent Business Owner, visit Quixtar.com, or call 800-950-7732
*Based on 2006 sales **Data compiled by Internet Retailer magazine

Latest Business Bulletin:

Although ROI is in the Euro Zone this latest Amway bulletin only shows the prices in UK Pound – Amway could you not have made a better effort to your ROI ABOs. Tom you signed off on this bulletin.

Business Bulletin, Issue 17, 28th March 2008

Dear ABO

This week we have the following to share with you:

AMWAY™ Boutique was launched in October 2006 as an umbrella brand to encompass Lingerie, Jewellery, Hosiery and Fragrances. The brand has been monitored closely since launch due to the number of items/options of such an offering. As a result of this monitoring, it has been decided to discontinue AMWAY Boutique, as it stands today, from the end of the current collection.

The popular Fragrance offering will be continued, but without AMWAY Boutique branding in the longer term. The re-branding of fragrances will be implemented progressively. For the current Jewellery and Lingerie collections there will not be a third collection launching in Fall 2008. Our Hosiery range will be maintained until Spring 2009 approximately.

As there are numerous order numbers involved in these collections, and these will be subject to sales, jewellery and lingerie items will be available only while stocks last. For the most up-to-date inventory situation, please refer to the Amway website at www.amway.co.uk/www.amway.ie or call our Business Services department.

AMWAY Boutique has been well received only during gift seasons and we thank all those who have been supportive of the range in their business. This strategic decision for the progression of Amway™ portfolio was obviously difficult to make. We appreciate your understanding and strive to provide you with a continuously improved core product offer.

Spring Hot buys Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of these fantastic offers on a selection of electrical items with up to 60% off retail prices. Promotion will run from 1st April till 30th April 2008 or while stocks last. All items will be featured within the Hot buys category online at www.amway.co.uk/www.amway.ie. Limited stock available so place your orders now to avoid disappointment.

Order No. Item Description Original Retail Price (£) Discounted Retail Sale Price (£) % Discount
960704 PHILIPS HiFi Stereo Video Recorder £50.00 £28.99 42%
960732 KARCHER K5500 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner £103.35 £86.00 16%
960812 TEFAL Fondue Raclette £26.25 £18.99 27%
961288 ARIETE 4250 Vapori Aspira Steam Cleaner £329.30 £219.54 33%
961301 ROWENTA DM147 Powerline Steam Iron £19.15 £13.62 28%
961305 ARIETE Vapori Jet – Handheld Steam Cleaner £31.40 £22.32 28%
961308 KARCHER K2.99M Pressure Washer £106.50 £66.28 37%
961312 KARCHER DS5500 Water Filter Vacuum £246.90 £148.14 40%
961370 DELONGHI Deep Fryer £54.14 £40.61 24%
961374 MORPHY RICHARDS Fastbake Fruit and Nut Breadmaker £51.40 £36.56 28%
961384 Cross Cut Paper Shredder £28.00 £16.83 39%
961431 KENWOOD Eon Kettle £40.20 £26.81 33%
961457 DELONGHI Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Maker £864.50 £432.25 50%
961466 AFK Convection Breadmaker £81.55 £48.93 40%
961468 KENWOOD Traditional Espresso Maker £164.65 £65.86 60%
961469 DOMO 6 Bottle Wine Cellar £123.45 £74.07 40%
970095 Easy Grip Rollers £11.85 £8.29 30%
970290 FEMINIQUE 14 Pad Toner £59.95 £30.87 48%
970294 BABYLISS Nail Care System £19.95 11.97 40%
970301 Soundscape with Aromatherapy Beads £21.70 £14.54 32%
970303 REMINGTON Precision Chrome Hair Cut Set £15.65 £12.99 16%
970305 MORPHY RICHARDS Foot & back Massager £13.40 £7.49 44%
970632 Scholl Retreat for the Feet * £28.35 £17.65 37%
970839 HOMEDICS Sonident Rechargeable Toothbrush £12.95 £8.06 37%
970846 VIDAL SASSOON Ceramic Hair Straightener £29.95 £18.64 37%
970847 VIDAL SASSOON Hair Clipper System with Ionic Technology £18.30 £12.81 30%
971011 Scholl UV Manicure / Pedicure Set £49.35 £29.61 40%

* Important Safety Notice – This product may not be suitable if you are pregnant or if you suffer from diabetes, phlebitis, varicose veins or a skin rash. If you have an injury or medical condition or doubts about using this product, consult your doctor before use.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Denham

General Manager & Director Amway (UK/RoI) Limited


Opportunity Knocks:

As the economy slows and the debt ratio increases are we coming into a time when we can expect major growth in the business? Now I know you might say – sure we can’t sponsor anyone at the moment – this is so but at least we can be getting into the frame of mind for when we are let out of the traps again. Will people be looking to supplement their income in order to maintain their standard of living? It has been said in the past that last growth wave in the business corresponded with the last down turn in the economy – so might this be the rainbow coming through after the storm – is this the opportunity -Amway we are getting cramps in the ‘starter blocks’ fire the starter pistol and let us loose.


Do we suffer from lack of leadership? This is a question I have pondered on for some time now. During my time in the business I have always admired the Diamonds in their leadership role – that is until this forced moratorium in the business and the ban on meetings. Have our leaders and I’m including Platinum & above lost their way or their will. How after all the years of being on a ‘system’ to improve people skills can they not understand that the ‘ordinary’ ABO is crying out for leadership in this time of change and uncertainty. Have the ‘Leadership’ heard of the email, the phone, the hotel lobby for a cup of coffee, what constitutes a meeting? How about house meetings for ‘Product Training’? For years we have heard the vital need for association – don’t miss a seminar, support your local open, the importance of the week-end functions – now that these meetings have been banned by Amway does that mean the end of leadership & association?

Retailing with Confidence:

Retailing with Confidence – can we in the current climate?

While retailing is an integral part of the business and is part of the make up of an ABOs business can we retail with confidence during this period of  uncertainty? Do you feel like you have only half a business – is half a cake better than no cake at this time?