Most NUTRILITE products are manufactured at the brand’s headquarters in Buena Park, California. At the NUTRILITE Lakeview farm in California, you’ll find the main facility for processing the organically-grown crops into the exclusive nutrient-rich NUTRILITE concentrates. Lakeview also has a manufacturing facility for protein powder products.

The manufacturing plant at Buena Park can produce up to six billion supplement tablets every year in self-contained, automated facilities. NUTRILITE scientists have developed and patented innovative processes for blending natural ingredients into effective supplements. Computerized equipment ensures absolute accuracy of formulation, and allows products to be tailored to the needs and legal requirements of different markets around the world.

Automated inspection equipment and highly-trained staff ensure that quality and safety standards exceed those required by law – the company voluntarily follows many of the strict standards set for the pharmaceutical industry. Quality is checked every step of the way to ensure that you, the customer, get only the best product.

Carl Rehnborg, NUTRILITE founder, first became interested in the links between nutrition and wellness while he was working in China. Appropriately, NUTRILITE products are now manufactured there, in the plant at Guangzhou.


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  1. Hi wingga – welcome to the site. glad to hear you use nutrilte and feel the benefits from the products. Are you UK/ROI or some other market. I had a look at the link web site but not in detail – it appears the IBO running the site must be in the field of alternative or herbal medical practice. Do you know which market it operates out of – I notice the prices are in euro. Anyway thanks for visiting and look forward to you returning.

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