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  1. RW1, congrats on your excellent new Amway blog. Great to see another “thinking person” making the commitment… perhaps part of a sea-change coming in blogging and perceptions about Amway Global even though your focus is UK&ROI. Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  2. RW1,

    Terrific new site and layout. Thrilled to see you joining the dialogue. I am the host of the Speaking of Amway blog. Could I ask you to correct your link to my site? You have the blogroll connecting link going to http://www.speakingofamway.com, but my blog is actually at: http://www.speakingofamway.com/blog/

    I expect to have my Speaking of Amway website up and running next month, but for now just have the blog going.

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I will link to your website as well.

    Chuck Lia

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