Seminars & Weekend Functions:

Seminars & Weekend Functions – have they a place in the ‘New Amway’.

There was a time when we thought we could never live without them. Now that we have survived do we really believe that we can build a people business without the association of like minded people?

4 comments on “Seminars & Weekend Functions:

  1. No I don’t, the power of association is paramount for me at least (I don’t know about others), whatever we are building be it the A/Q business or our own “conventional” businesses (or more often than not – both), dealing mainly with other people who naturally tend to be negative in their outlook (95%/5% rule?)drains my batteries. Monthly association recharged them for me.

    I would often come away having learned nothing radically new, but associated with others on a similar quest, I came away invigorated. What I would add that I get the same “buzz” when I have participated in a seminar or event associated with my day business, so it’s not unique to those building the A/Q business, but once again the attendees at my industry events only represent 5% of those in our sector, but guess what, they are the ones with the brightest future.

  2. hi stillxsive – the BUZZ of association is vital in my humble opinion and like you when I have a seminar for the day business I come out fired up and ready to ‘rock & roll’ –

  3. Association will always be a critical aspect of the business. What may change is how that association comes about. Team-ONE in Southern California of Diamond Brad DeHaven ( just had its first online Business Development Seminar on March 14th, including a speaker and recognition. The cost of gasoline and the inherent may make this a bigger part of the business building process, with in person association occurring in weekly opens (now also being done online quite often) or regional seminars. And IBO leader could invite his group to his home, interact with the seminar online with his group, and perhaps save everyone a lot of money, thus enhancing their profitability.

    Regardless, we know technology is, and will continue to, change the way things are done in the business, including association.

    Chuck Lia

  4. Chuck – would you not miss all the HUGS & KISSES and the closeness of the larger group? When was the last time you hugged a monitor or kissed a TV screen? – but I get your drift on the TECHNOLOGY

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