ABOs from UK:

This space is for you to post specific comments etc relating to the Amway business in the UK. You decide what you want to post here [but keep the posting rules in mind]

7 comments on “ABOs from UK:

  1. Hi,
    This site is long overdue. Was thinking about setting up a site called Saving Amway UK but you beat me to it.
    Noticed on the `truth about site` someone – obviously from the company as it was a word for word copy of the relevant section from the manual – had replied to a query about someone not being able to get started until their upline has 5/200. Won`t this be counter-productive and slow things down? What happens if they hear about the DTI etc. while they`re waiting for their upline. Byebye. Looks dangerous to me.

    Also, is it correct that bonuses ABOs are not qualified to receive because they do not have 200/5 will not pass upline? If this is true, how can the corporation justify taking them?

    Looking back over the past 10 months, it is difficult to believe Doug and Steve know what is happening on the ground – they may get regular/daily reports and requests for cheques and think they are monitoring things but they do not have any idea of the company`s uncaring attitude or demoralised ABO/sales force.


  2. Yeah HFTB good stuff

    would have thought terms of employment involved talking to ABOs

    see there is a new pin in Asia for Barry Chi and Holly Chen for cutting 100 Diamonds in a year while here in UK a disconsolate few hundred former IBOs are being compulsorily taught how to sell party plan (changed to `group retailing` to cater for ABO sensitivities) by a former door-to-door sales lady

    Are these guys 20 years behind the times or what?

    Gotta speak up now or never


  3. Welcome hopingforthebest – nice to have you on board responses and comments from UK/ROI ABOs are thin on the ground even on IBOFB. I believe the company will continue with it’s current stance until after the Judge rules [whenever]because there is so much at stake don’t expect much different until then. Upline Platinums & above have the option to share their information downline if they choose – but some choose not to.

  4. Hi jamessharper you are welcome – yes indeed I was at one of those training sessions – The Betterware Lady introduced herself gave us a long list of her achievements told us how she even sold Amway products to get the feel for them etc. She is on her second six month contract [must pay well}but hey just remember she is doing what she is paid to do – she does not call the shots.Instead of group retailing maybe it should be GROUP THERAPY

  5. Hope it pays well enough for her to pay for a decent pair of shoes, a suit that fits and doesn`t need pressing and a hairdresser

  6. jamessharper – Remember it’s nice to be nice sometimes consultants CVs are not all they are made up to be. Did you ever talk yourself up to fit a profile – I actually thought she was dressed ‘business smart’ at the presentation I was at. Maybe you caught her at the end of a hard day.

  7. I was once told by my upline Diamond “Nothing is built on hope alone!” so lets just hope we get a decision from the courts soon so we can all move forward with massive action and get this great ship back on the sea and out of the harbor……

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