The A Word:

As North American IBOs debate & struggle with the change of name from Quixtar to Amway Global what are your opinions on a single brand identity for Amway throughout the world?

7 comments on “The A Word:

  1. This thought isn’t original to me, but anyone in North America contemplating building a business that eventually reaches beyond their home shores is going to be using the Amway name anyway, whether they want to or not, so get used to it.

    Second, it’s my sense that many who have so vocally voiced rebranding to ‘Amway Global” concerns have been using a business building pardigm based on “sign up for this business, buy from yourself, and teach others to do the same” with little or no focus on products or developing retail customers.

    Those who use a product focus to promote the business opportunity model are doing well as they are able to focus on “quality” and “uniqueness” of products, at least the key core products of most interest.

    Prospects who seem to have an issue with the name should be turned into Customers — for them the only issue will be quality and desirability of some excellent products.

  2. I’ve heard the “global” part was added at least in part to placate the Americans, and it’s unlikely to be a long-term thing.

  3. Welcome to the site Ibofightback nice of you to honour us with an appearance and = it’s like being recognized at a function – sorry they are not allowed here in the UK/ROI at present!

  4. you’re welcome to fly over and join our functions 🙂

    I’m not sure about the “honour you with an appearance” part! I’m honoured you folk all indulge so much in my website. 🙂

  5. Now that we have a mutual admiration society and we can attend your functions – does that mean we are breaking down barriers to the A word. I am in total favour of having the Amway name out in public through promotions and advertising etc and I also believe it still leaves us the opportunity to prospect with curiosity.

  6. The key is for Amway Global to deal with the issues that have undermined the public’s view of the business. That starts with being transparent and honest about those issues, just as you are asking Amway to do in the UK and Ireland. I am excited you are trying to do in the UK and Ireland what others are trying to do in North America. Keep it up!

    Chuck Lia
    Speaking of Amway Blog

  7. Chuck – one of the keys to being transparent and honest about issues is communication which is thin on the ground at present because we are waiting for ‘THE DECISION’. Once that is out of the way we will see what happens and I am sure the Amway world will be watching and taking note.

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