New Catalogues:

Amway are currently posting out a free pack x 5 of each of the 3 new catalogues i.e. that is 15 free catalogues along with a pep letter from Tom D and a complementary copy of the new price list . Maybe this is a new departure for the company and a sign of things to come, 1st we got a bundle of monthly brochures every month for the special offers now free catalogues – what next free Amagram -no that might be to much to ask for –

2 comments on “New Catalogues:

  1. Yes I got them too, not sure if everyone is getting them as my downline didnt get any.
    I do like the idea very much. Still not sure if leaving them with people is a good thing. My wife normaly supplies the staff in a resturant she visits. One customer looked at the first few pages of home and living, looked at the price of the icook and put it down again. Totaly Missing out on the bargins towards the back of the book. I know it may just be in alfabetical order maybe theres another way of presenting some of the high priced products.

  2. Welcome gwyningman – nice to have you on board,if you have a look at – perceptions post above left we discuss pricing as well. Pricing the catalogues is a new departure it may be a learning curve.

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