The public perception of the Amway business differs depending on who you talk. There are as many opinions as there are people – the business – the products – the prices – the quality – you name it there is an opinion. Here in the Republic there is an ongoing debate ‘Rip off Ireland’ and it all centres around the pricing of goods and services – the difference between Sterling and Euro. Now with the pricing of products in the catalogues we can see again the glaring price difference. Now I know that companies buy their currency at least six months in advance and there is a small difference in VAT but let us go back to the title of this post again ‘Perceptions’. There is without doubt outrageously high profiteering going on in companies that have operations both in the UK and Republic of Ireland, the Central Bank has commented on it as well as consumer agencies. A number of ABOs have asked Amway to look at its pricing policy for the ROI but their explanations have short comings especially if we look at the US Dollar v Euro and Sterling v Euro. At a coffee meeting with ABOs the new priced catalogues were discussed and where pricing the products is welcomed it is seen as a disadvantage by some because the new catalogues show three price structures UK, Jersey and Guernsey, & Republic of Ireland. What are your opinions on ‘Perceptions’

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