When Recession Bites:

As recession bites across the UK & Ireland are we missing the start of what could be our best opportunity to grow the business in years? Peoples finances are hurting out there, it is very obvious the credit crunch is having a serious effect on life style. There is a lot of talk these days about work life balance – ok in times of growth but not in times of cutbacks. In times of growth and increased wealth new side industries shoot up – people have a larger disposable income and they aspire to lifes little pleasures – but what when they may be forced to surrender these perks? – nobody wants to go backwards – lose face among their friends. This young generation has never known recession – do they know how to cut back – cut their cloth to their measure – maybe some do but there are hard lessons ahead. It is those who came through the 70s ,80s & early 90s that may just have the advantage now – the chance to be a mentor, a teacher, a leader, tough times call for tough people – people with ‘stickability’. If only we could show those beginning to hurt how to make enough extra money per month to take care of the car payment or the mortgage payment or keep the 2nd car, isn’t that what this business is about and through that find some leaders who want to build a strong network. Man I wish I could prospect & show the plan again – Amway Amway Amway if only we could.

6 comments on “When Recession Bites:

  1. Great post. Applicable to both sides of the pond, minus the sponsoring part. I wish it was open there too at the moment. We have some friends we’d like to get started.

  2. RW1, congrats on your first 12 days… was reading your post over at IBOFB’s site. Appreciate your balance of topics even though you’re RoI and UK focused… lots the rest of us can learn from you guys as you soldier through!!!
    With appreciation,

  3. rdknyvr – Thats exactly the reason for this site – to stay focused- we will soldier on but we are going to have to rebuild the army.

  4. Can’t wait until you are able to operate freely again. Grateful you are working to encourage the UK and Ireland ABOs.

    Chuck Lia

  5. Hi Chuck – ‘freely’ I don’t think so – I think we will have ‘system’ restrictions but hopefully from the business end we won’t have to many.

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