When Amway Calls:

When Amway calls who will be there to answer. As we await the decision of the courts and we get on with operating the only part of the business open to us i.e. retailing – we ask the question what will be the strength of the active ABOs when the re-launch of the business finally happens.

We also understand that the high pin ABOs have had training sessions with Amway the content of which was very good and by all accounts should have been open to all ABOs. With the lack of communication from leaders in the field and Amway having closed work shops i.e only open to the chosen few, where are the Certified Retail Consultants to get the required training in time for the relaunch of the business and sponsoring.

5 comments on “When Amway Calls:

  1. Q1 Answer no not at present. Q2 answer yes – but it is clear that the upline is of the opinion there is nothing they can do until the courts decision. There are no training meetings organized or product nights all of which I believe we could benefit from. I believe there is a bit of old school thinking and they do not lead from the top down anymore – it would make you wonder is this since there is no support system anymore and it is not profitable to support form the top.

  2. mmm, well their Amway income has likely been decimated, as has any system income, and no matter how much we might all support retailing, you can’t make “big” income by focusing just on that. Unless they still have a large organization remaining (and how large can it be given the total number of IBOs?) they quite sensibly are probably focusing on other projects.

    Which I guess means Amway needs to show more leadership and creativity. I’d suggest that perhaps they need to do some more hiring of IBO leadership for non-LOS meetings.

  3. Ibofightback: – I know their income is reduced and they are focusing on other projects [at least some are] but I’m not sure what you mean by this –
    “Which I guess means Amway needs to show more leadership and creativity. I’d suggest that perhaps they need to do some more hiring of IBO leadership for non-LOS meetings.”
    What would you have in mind??

  4. I’m new here, and nearly one year on from the moratorium on sponsoring, and with no upline left, I feel totally abandoned by the corporation. They don’t seem to understand the basics of communication and how vital personal contact is in developing teams of people, so I don’t rate the short term future in the UK that brightly, despite being a proud business owner who will never quit, period.

    Above all I got involved in the Amway business to ultimately be successful in it, not any other MLM, so I have no interest in looking elsewhere.

    In my old group upline, (and crossline) most platinums and above have either resigned or have abdicated leadership. My upline platinum is now officially Amway. Even my original ultimate upline in the US has jumped ship, I now understand from various blog posts elsewhere.

    All I have left is 15 years of experience in the old UK IBO system, a loyal 9% ABO group to lead without any clear sense of what is happening, and limited communication & training availability from the corporation.

    Because of the excellent retail training we received from our upline over recent years, my residual group knows how to retail and consistently qualify at the CRC level to receive our monthly bonuses with the registered customer volume.

    None of the Amway trainers have any direct experience of specifically retailing Amway products, although I grant that they know the products in depth and general sales basics, but not the challenges of building this new style (retail) business alongside a full time working career, like most of us still have to do.

    Putting the prices in the latest new catalogues is a great improvement as it removes suspicion with new clients – the pricing is at least clear if not exactly competitive across all product ranges.

    Whether crosslining would be a risk or not, the corporation have totally NOT grasped how organising regular monthly meetings for ABOs (irrespective of Business Support Materials) are vital to keep focus and activity going. I heard that comment some time back from some Crown Ambassadors, who I am pleased to see are still active and growing worldwide.

    I have read elsewhere that there has been regular communication from Tom Denham to Business Consultants (Platinums). In the excerpts I found quoted, he suggests that they share that information on a “need to know basis” to their downlines, and it leaves people like me and my (now small) group totally in the dark. It is akin to water torture, not knowing anything.

    On the basis that the case is eventually won, I remain optimistic that a profitable business can be re-built, (perhaps without the promise of mega-incomes) but not unless the corporation changes its senior personnel and modus operandi, and that a new generation of self motivated and courageous leaders step out of the ABO ranks who embrace the new ways with none of the old exploitative thinking.

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