Nutrilite Training:

Over on thetruthaboutamway cmfitzg posted this – Amway UK/ROI now has a module on the Amway Academy on “Nutrilite Active Lifestyle” bringing in the new Strive and FitH2O products as well as existing offerings and providing our first web-based training course.

The first of many we hope (and have been told)

Of course at first I couldn’t find it but after instructions from cmfitzg I located it and it turned out to be a training session on Nutrilite product range with a small test included. – yes of course I did the test and passed – by the way 80% is the pass mark – no problem right! Ok here is how to get to the Amway Academy – log in to your Amway UK or ROI and then go to – My e-officeAmway Academy – then click Amway Academy. Do the test and good luck.

Now I do have one question WAS THIS NUTRILITE FEATURE PROMOTED BY AMWAY TO THE ABOs – I certainly did not see any reference to it anywhere so if any ABO has the answer can they post it here.

2 comments on “Nutrilite Training:

  1. Well … how long has it been available? I criticised Quixtar about the lack of promotion of National Spotlight, but it appears it was only first mentioned on the site on the Friday I posted about it, and by Monday it was indeed getting frontpage placement. Perhaps cmfitzg has just been super observant? 🙂

  2. Not sure how long it’s there perhaps cmfitzg can tell us when he first spotted it – I will send an email off the Amway site to see when it was put up – definitely don’t remember it being promoted – but whats new about that Amway are not the best promoters of their best work.

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