THe UK courts dismissed both appeal cases against Amway this morning the news was first revealed by cmfitz on

This is great news for the Amway business and means that the business in operating within the law and is a totally legal business just as it always was. Also check out the news here

Amway UK Announces Football Sponsorship

Amway UK Announces Football Sponsorship


Other official partners of the MK Dons include Marshall, Buckingham, Case Security, Thomas Cook, McCann Homes and many more!

This sponsorship provides a great opportunity to increase the awareness of Amway and NUTRILITE™ as well as support for a successful local football team and a link to the local community.

Amway UK will provide the team with health and nutritional products with expert advice from our product trainers, so that they are at their physical best! Our aim is also to work with the MK Dons to support our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy by doing some local charity work with the club that is vital to our contribution in the local area and for our commitment to the UNICEF One by One programme.

Amway UK/ROI Revise Meetings Policy

Interesting news just in from Amway UK/ROI -over on Network Marketing Ireland this news was posted earlier today.

It looks like this change has been brought about because of concerns that the leading ABOs had in the way Amway had placed restrictions on the holding of public open opportunity meeting. The red tape was strangling the growth of the business and needed to be amended.

It’s great to see Amway listening and taking on board the concerns of the ABOs – I think it is safe to say the new Amway is still a work in progress and let us hope that Amway UK/ROI will continue to listen and take on board the ideas and concerns of the ABOs in the field.

Amway UK/ROI Open Opportunity Meetings:

Amway have just circulated a new list of open opportunity meetings for February 2009.

What does this mean for the Amway business on these islands?? Amway are keeping to their word in that they said they would publish a list of meetings and they have, they said they would support the ABOs with open meetings and they are. There is a lot of rebuilding to be done to get the Amway business back on track and it will take a combined effort of Amway and ABOs.

From what I can see Amway are putting in the effort. They are supporting the business with – price reductions,  promotions, open meetings, a special conference at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on Saturday 14th March 2009 and the new London Experience Centre opening early 2009.

So what can the ABO do to play their part and what is the responsibility of the ABO??

Think Big For 2009

The following was posted on & today.

Think Big For 2009


It’s time to “Think Big” with Amway!

We’ll help you to “think big” in 2009 and grow your Amway business like never before. For one day only, Amway is hosting a very special conference for you!

This unmissable event is completely free to attend*. It runs from 9am to 7pm and lunch is included.

We’ll be at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on Saturday 14th March 2009 – will you?

*Travel arrangements to the conference must be made at your own cost.

The highlights of the event will include:

Product Presentations

Our team of product experts and trainers will be on hand to guide you through all the latest product developments in a series of presentations. From ARTISTRY™ to NUTRILITE™, all the Amway product brands will be showcased.

London Flagship Centre

Be one of the first to see the plans for our amazing new London Flagship Centre. Opening soon, the new centre will completely immerse visitors in the world of Amway, enabling them to experience our complete range of products first hand. The Flagship Centre will also serve as a state-of-the-art venue for training courses, seminars and other Amway / ABO events.


We’ll recognise and celebrate the success of some of Amway’s top ABOs and Leaders. Hear about their achievements as they continue to go from strength to strength, developing their businesses.


Learn how to grow your Amway business from the very best people in the industry. They’ll share ideas and practical advice that could really help you transform and grow your Amway business in 2009.

Motivational Guest Speakers

We have some very special speakers attending the event. Be inspired by their stories as they share some of the secrets of success with you. Armed with the knowledge and motivation from these speakers, you’ll be thinking big in 2009!

New Business Information

We have some exciting new plans for 2009 that we’d like to share with you. A range of initiatives throughout the year will help you grow your Amway business. In addition, our team will be available throughout the conference to meet you and answer any questions you have.

Keep checking here for regular updates on this unmissable event. We look forward to welcoming you to the conference and helping you “think big” in 2009!

Amway on the Road Again in Ireland:

Well that’s the first series of open opportunity meetings over for January – Belfast, Athlone & Dublin – It was a great start to the new year and there were good numbers at all meetings. Amway are on the move again in Ireland and by all accounts there are a series of meetings planned for England, Scotland, Wales – not sure what happens on Jersey & Gurnsey.

At all meetings there was a representative from Amway present and he gave a short talk after the presentation. It is great to see Amway promoting the open meetings by email and on the websites I am sure this is encouraging ABOs to get off the couch and attend the meetings. There is one thing I know for sure the rooms will not be big enough next month – If you were an ABO at any of the meetings all you have to do is bring one new person back with you next month and Amway will have a challenge squeezing you all in.

Life after Suspension:

Hi Everyone,
After taking matters up with ‘wordpress’ as to why we were suspended and not to date getting any valid reason for the suspension – they have decided to lift the suspension.
So we are back and after a brief refresher course we will be commenting on all things Amway.
Prior to the suspension our hit rate was climbing sharply and we were becoming a voice in the UK/ROI market so I hpe we can recover the lost ground.

It’s great to be back – so watch this space. Thanks for all the support in the past and the future.