Think Big 09 Conference Report:

I recently attended the Think Big Conference in Coventry UK – these are a few thoughts on it: Anyone else that was there if you would care to leave a post please do so – it’s more important that you think.

The professional way the function was run is a credit to Amway and their staff. I see in Andy Smith a man that is trying hard to build credibility with the field but at the same time lead a company into it’s next phase of development. It amazed me the amount of ABO’s that were registering on the day for the conference – maybe it just proves people leave things to the last minute in every country. There was a great buzz around the conference and it was fantastic to see all the new growth – the excitement of the speakers was infectious and without doubt they are leading their groups to higher levels. It was good to see some old heads speak – Trevor Lowe & Stephen Stranney – two steady leaders of integrity that have pride in the Amway Corporation. A number of incentives were announced but overall you got the feeling that Amway is back with a bang – strong leadership is important and the Amway management are in my opinion leading the way. They are pumping money into the UK/ROI market and it is there for any of us to work for our share – how big the share is up to us because Amway want the challenge of paying out big rewards – so let’s not disappoint them.

Ricoh Arena in Coventry on Saturday 14th March 2009

Ricoh Arena in Coventry on Saturday 14th March 2009

This weekend is the BIG Amway conference in Coventry UK – Any Amway ABOs who are attending are invited to leave a comment here before and after the event. By all accounts this is the kick off of the Amway business for many people who are getting to grips with the adjustments to the  business model – so let us know what is going on in the world of Amway.

Changes from Amway:

Amway have brought about changes for the better in relation to qualifications and in the Sterling v Euro exchange rate. This on the face of it is good news for all ABOs but is also looks like it is great news for ROI ABOs as Amway have addressed to a large degree the Euro v Sterling exchange rate for qualification purposes. If you have an opinion on this why not leave a reply.

Please be advised that we will be revising and modifying the Amway Business Owner Contract you have with Amway (UK) Limited.

Specifically, we will be changing:

* the requirements for a RC to obtain the CRC qualification and the POUND / EURO exchange rate on the qualification requirement – In order to obtain the CRC qualification a RC must, in a rolling 12 month period, have achieved an accumulated order total of £150/€190 (inclusive of VAT), from 5 separate registered customers

* the requirements for a CRC to maintain his/her CRC qualification and the POUND / EURO exchange rate on the qualification requirement – In order to maintain the CRC qualification, in at least one calendar month of the Performance Year, a CRC must have 5 ordering and registered customers with an aggregate of at least £150/€190 of retail sales inclusive of VAT.

* the requirements for a CRC to receive any Performance Bonuses and the POUND/ EURO exchange rate on the qualification requirement – A CRC must, in a month, have a minimum of 5 ordering registered customers and at least £150/€190 in registered customer purchases in order to receive any Performance Bonuses that would be earned.

* the POUND / EURO exchange rate on the requirements to receive his/her monthly CVR – For every calendar month when the aggregate orders of the ABO Contract for qualifying Amway products or services are £100/€125 or greater (inclusive of VAT), Amway agrees to remit a CVR in the amount of 25% of the total sum due to Amway from the ABO in respect of those orders for that month.

* the POUND / EURO exchange rate on the qualification requirements for additional reward opportunities in the BC category and the higher awards (£1/€1.25)

This communication is a NOTICE ONLY and is a requirement pursuant to Paragraph 11 of the ABO Contract.


We are hereby providing you with 30 days’ advance notice of these changes.

The modified documents will be available and effective from Apr 1, 09.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Andy Smith

General Manager & Director, Amway UK and RoI