Think Big 09 Conference Report:

I recently attended the Think Big Conference in Coventry UK – these are a few thoughts on it: Anyone else that was there if you would care to leave a post please do so – it’s more important that you think.

The professional way the function was run is a credit to Amway and their staff. I see in Andy Smith a man that is trying hard to build credibility with the field but at the same time lead a company into it’s next phase of development. It amazed me the amount of ABO’s that were registering on the day for the conference – maybe it just proves people leave things to the last minute in every country. There was a great buzz around the conference and it was fantastic to see all the new growth – the excitement of the speakers was infectious and without doubt they are leading their groups to higher levels. It was good to see some old heads speak – Trevor Lowe & Stephen Stranney – two steady leaders of integrity that have pride in the Amway Corporation. A number of incentives were announced but overall you got the feeling that Amway is back with a bang – strong leadership is important and the Amway management are in my opinion leading the way. They are pumping money into the UK/ROI market and it is there for any of us to work for our share – how big the share is up to us because Amway want the challenge of paying out big rewards – so let’s not disappoint them.

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