Amway 50 years Strong:

As Amway celebrates 50 years in business – we bring you some insights:


Success in the Amway buisness is based on sustained effort.  Can success in Amway replace the average industrial wage which in Ireland is approx €33,000??? The answer is yes but how long it takes is entirely based on your sustained effort – it is achieved through a combination of selling Amway products and building a network of people who also sell Amway products and build a network of people. A balanced combination of both arms of the Amway business is what is required to achieve your desired level of income. It is said a recession is an opportune time to build an Amway business, this is because people are looking to expand or sustain their level of income. Network marketing is an ideal low cost buisness model – indeed Amway have no setup fees or registration fees – so you fledgling business is off the ground and you don’t even have to write a cheque or use the credit card – not a bad deal in a recession or indeed anytime.             If you are looking for an opportunity in these hard times network marketing is definitely an option.