Choosing a Network Marketing Company:

When choosing a Network Marketing Company to partner with there are things to consider.

1: The history and financial strength of the company.
2: The product range.
3: The satisfaction guarantee behind the products.
4: Is there a buy back rule in place on products?
5: Do you have to pay upfront money for products or training tools [tapes, cds, books, etc.]?
6: Is the company a member of the DSA – Direct Selling Association of Ireland & UK. ?
7. Is the company progressive and do they offer training [free or at a nominal charge]?
8. Do the company pay out bonus’s on time and direct into a bank account?
9. Is it FREE to register or join?
What I am saying here is – do your homework – remember you are getting involved in a business – the object is for you to make some money – many people who get involved in network marking come from an employee background and mindset and are not initially ready for the struggles of a business and the delayed rewards.
There are many great companies who sell their products & services through the network marketing business model and all have their own ways of doing things. Remember some companies are around a long time and have proven they are reputable, the less know ones although reputable can be narrow focused and a bigger struggle to build a network.
My advice for what it’s worth – get involved in this great industry and have a go – you might just beat the recession.

6 comments on “Choosing a Network Marketing Company:

  1. Does this mean you don’t recommend Amway in the U.S.? #s 5, 7 and 9 are pretty shakey over here, as the U.S. government hasn’t clamped down on Amway and their tool scam like they did in the UK.

    • Hi Tex you are a long way from home! but as you are on a ROI/UK site I find your question somewhat amusing – Of course I would recommend someone to join Amway in the US – why wouldn’t I.

    • Hi There – many people are supplementing their household income from direct selling & network marketing – what network are you part of?

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