Come Back to Reality

Nothing real happens in the Virtual World – Get up – Get out – Meet Real People and Connect with Reality –

There is a place for FB and Blogs but real connections are made when you meet real people face to face.

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Network Marketing is a great option for expanding your Income Base.

Network Marketing is a great option for expanding your Income Base.
Here are some reasons why people look to expand & enhance their financial condition & security.

  • Insufficient current income.
  • Children’s education fund.
  • Increase their pension pot.
  • Job insecurity.
  • Self employment not stable.
  • Wants to be own boss.
  • Wants to secure their financial future.
  • Needs extra current income.
  • Success orientated.
  • Enjoys working with people.
  • Dream to be financially independent.
  • Not to be controlled by a boss or a company.
  • Just tired of the day job and the forty plus year career plan.
  • Supplement their current pension.

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Direct Selling Defies Recession

Take a look at this news item from the BBC –
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Amway Business Building Seminar April 11th 2010:

Following last month’s fantastic event, Amway announced the next Business Building Seminar has been scheduled for Sunday 11th April 2010 from 1pm to 5pm.
Amway have said they will continue to support the exciting growth in Ireland!

The seminar is open to ROI ABOs and UK ABO with groups in Ireland – but I guess that means it’s open to all ABOs in the UK/ROI market – but it might be worth checking who is actually invited.

If you are an Amway ABO this is a fantastic to associate with your fellow business owners and also learn your business. You will also meet corporate staff and there will be a product display starting at 1pm.

Have a great day all you Amway Business Owners or should I say ABOs

Amway Seminar March 7th 2010

Amway held it’s 2nd business Building Seminar of 2010 in Johnstown House Hotel today Sunday March 7th – This was a fantastic event with some great speakers and a product display. One unique feature of these Amway events in Ireland is the ticket price and what happens to the funds. Tickets are €5 i.e. five euro per ABOship. ABOs enter their name, ABO number and nominate a local children’s charity – during the seminar a draw takes place and the chosen ABO will get to present the funds to the chosen charity.

Back to the speakers we had a new 21% telling us how they did it and Pat Stranney teaching on how to get started and to close the evening we had executive diamond Jackie Gulick on rewards and lifestle.

We also had Andy Smith General Manager & Director, Amway UK and RoI speaking on company updates etc.

All this in a little town just outside Dublin in the Republic of Ireland – what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Amway Business Seminar 7th Feb 2010

Amway held it’s first business seminar in Rep. of Ireland on Feb 7th in the Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth, Kildare. There was a very large turnout and we should get official figures from Amway. Products were on display and there were also product demos and sampling.

Amway will be very pleased that the Irish and adopted Irish were out in full force – so much so that they are holding another seminar on March 7th 2010.

Paul Christophers was the main Amway guest speaker of the day but there were other local speakers that spoke about how they built and are building their business.

Overall is was a great success and one can definitely say the Amway business is alive and well in Ireland.

Amway’s High Flying 2010 Conference –

This just in from Amway UK/ROI

Amway’s High Flying 2010 Conference – 20th March 2010

We’re back, we’re bigger, we’re better …. we’re flying high …. We are excited to reveal the details of Amway’s High Flying 2010 conference. Starring the Best in the Business…. starring you!

The highlights of the event

Product Exhibition
Our team of product expert and trainers, along with some of our most experienced ABOs will be on hand to answer any questions you have on our products. All your favourite Amway products brands and the new beautycycle™ range will be showcased in the Product Exhibition area.

Recognition will be a key part of our March Conference. Celebrate the success of some of Amway’s top ABOs and hear about their achievements! We will be recognising ABOs on stage at the conference for performance between Sept 2009 and February 2010.

Testimonials & Success Stories
Learn how to grow your Amway Business from the very best people. They will share ideas and practical advice that could really help you to succeed! Learn how they continue to grow from strength to strength, developing their businesses.

ABO Workshops
Designed to help and support ABOs by providing valuable skills on different aspects of the business.

Sale of exclusive Amway branded items
We are excited to advise you that we will have a range of exclusive Amway branded merchandise items for you to buy on the day.

As part of our ongoing support of UNICEF, we will be holding a raffle on the day with great prizes.

Exciting Business Updates and Information
To help you grow your Amway Business and fly even higher in 2010!!

Telford International Centre
St. Quentin Gate

09:00 Doors open
09:00 Product exhibition open
10:30 – 11:15 Workshops
11:45 – 13:15 Conference – Part 1
13:15 Break. Product exhibition open
14:00 – 14:45 Workshops
15:00 – 16:45 Conference – Part 2
16:45 Product exhibition open
18:00 Doors close
Please note that timings are subject to change.


Please be updated that registration and ticket sales for Amway’s High Flying 2010 Conference is now open!

To register for the event, please call ABO Services on 01908 629400. If you would prefer us to call you, then please send an email to advising us of your ABO number and the date, time and number to call you back on. One of our ABO Service team will contact you directly and assist with your registration for the conference. Please note we can only offer this service between 08.30 and 18.00, Monday to Friday.

Priority Registration and ticket price at £/€ 10 per person will only be available for a limited time! Priority Registration is up until 12th February only and the ticket price will be £/€ 15 thereafter. On the day tickets will cost £/€ 20 per person. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Tickets sold are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Spaces are limited, so please register early to avoid disappointment!!

Please note that you will not be receiving any printed ticket, but will receive an email confirmation of your registration. Your name badge will be available for collection on arrival at the conference.

All registered ABOs are invited to attend the conference, however please note that the conference is not open to customers or prospects.

It is important to note that as this is a business event, infants and children are not permitted to attend. For your own safety and consideration for others, we ask for your co-operation and understanding. ABOs with infants and/or children will not be permitted inside the Conference and Exhibition areas.

Please also note that during the event, special effects which include, but are not limited to: dry ice, bright lights, loud music, strobes, lasers and fireworks may be used.


Water will be available from eSpring stations located inside the venue, so please remember to bring your eSpring or Nutrilite bottles with you! There will be a cash catering outlet open for anyone that wishes to purchase food and drink throughout the day. Please note that only food purchased from the Arena may be eaten within the venue. Further details to follow in due course.


Transportation to the venue is at your own cost. Details on airport transfers and how to get to the venue from the train station will be communicated in our upcoming communications. Car parking at the International Centre is free of charge for all Amway ABOs.


Please find attached a FAQ on the conference for your further information. Please note that there will not be any conference information posted to you. All communications will be done via the website and email. Should you have any additional questions, please contact the ABO Service team on 01908 629400.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference !!

Yours sincerely,

Andy Smith
General Manager & Director, Amway UK and RoI


Just added to the range by Amway UK/ROI

A tasty, nutritious meal replacement designed for use as part of the Lifestyle Balanced Solutions (LBS) programme by Amway. Each product contains 14 soup pouches, carefully formulated to provide sufficient levels of energy and vital nutrients as part of a controlled weight loss programme.

With a warm and tempting sweetcorn-flavour, this soup perfectly complements the NUTRILITE POSITRIM Crème Mix Powders and Protein Bars by offering a new savoury alternative for any time of day.

Size: 14 Soup Pouches
Order number: 107243

beautycycle™ from Amway

Looks like Amway have done it again and launched a brand to rival Avon:


To help grow the Amway business and further benefit you and your customers, Amway is looking for the biggest opportunities within the beauty market. Our key focus will remain on the ARTISTRY™ Brand and in 2010 we launch an exciting new beauty brand,beautycycle™.

NEW beautycycle™ An exciting new beauty range to

Amway. More details to follow soon!

beautycycle products will further enhance your beauty business opportunities, by opening the doors to those customers who currently do not purchase ARTISTRY products and are looking for a simpler, more affordable approach to beauty.

This is a truly exciting time for beauty within Amway; not only are we introducing the new beautycycle Brand but our power-brand – ARTISTRY – will be strengthened and elevated through refocus on the advanced science technologies found within the products and also new launches, for both skin & colour.

To ensure that we optimise the opportunities and focus on these two key brands, it has been decided that the E FUNKHOUSER™ NEW YORK Brand will be discontinued globally.

For this reason Color Collection C010 will be the last collection from the E. FUNKHOUSER Brand. The Professional Product Series will be available for the length of this Collection (C010), however, with varying stock levels, some products may run out quickly.

The ARTISTRY Brand offers products to women who are looking for prestige cosmetics with the latest technology. The beautycycle Brand meets the needs of women who are interested in simple, yet effective solutions. Together these two beauty brands will be powerful tools to truly grow your business.

Amway ROI/UK Getting Stronger:

Amway UK/ROI is alive and well and growing. In Ireland we are progressing with the roll out of Open Opportunity Meetings. This month June ’09 we launched the Cork Open. Cork is in the south of the country. We have also moved Dublin to two opens per month. Numbers are growing at all opens and room sizes are under pressure. Although we still have issues with some of the restrictions in the new business model – it is workable and provides a strength to the new ABOs business. The retail part of the business is now stronger and provides solid income in month one for new ABOs and once they achieve the benckmark of minimum 5 registered customers and total sales of €190 / £150 they can move to the next level which allows them to sponsor. We have turned the corner and there is a lot more to be done – but we are out there doing it – nothing on the hard work side of the business has changed – if you want success in direct selling and network marketing – you have to put in the efforts of talking to people – showing the plan – registering and training new ABOs – selling products – building a customer base – driving the miles – building foundations is never easy but without them the structures will be weak and eventually fall. So it’s time to re-double our efforts and push forward in 2009 so that this year will be the year that the foundations for growth in Amway UK/ROI were laid.