Amway: Rising to the Top

Here is an article by Barbara Seale that is well worth reading – no point in me elaborating the article says it all.

Choosing a Network Marketing Company:

When choosing a Network Marketing Company to partner with there are things to consider.

1: The history and financial strength of the company.
2: The product range.
3: The satisfaction guarantee behind the products.
4: Is there a buy back rule in place on products?
5: Do you have to pay upfront money for products or training tools [tapes, cds, books, etc.]?
6: Is the company a member of the DSA – Direct Selling Association of Ireland & UK. ?
7. Is the company progressive and do they offer training [free or at a nominal charge]?
8. Do the company pay out bonus’s on time and direct into a bank account?
9. Is it FREE to register or join?
What I am saying here is – do your homework – remember you are getting involved in a business – the object is for you to make some money – many people who get involved in network marking come from an employee background and mindset and are not initially ready for the struggles of a business and the delayed rewards.
There are many great companies who sell their products & services through the network marketing business model and all have their own ways of doing things. Remember some companies are around a long time and have proven they are reputable, the less know ones although reputable can be narrow focused and a bigger struggle to build a network.
My advice for what it’s worth – get involved in this great industry and have a go – you might just beat the recession.

Amway a Business for Today:

Amway a Business for Today:

Considering all the challenges our business has gone through over the years and more so in the past twelve months – is Amway a business for today?

Certainly if we consider that economies are on the downturn, there must be a percentage of the population that is looking for an opportunity to increase their income and maintain their lifestyle – but was that not always the case?

If we consider the 80 – 20 rule – then we can to come to the conclusion that most people will not do what it takes when it comes to succeeding in business. Now many people are happy with their lot in life and to this end they are entitled to be left to what ever it is they are happy with. Just imagine out of every 100 head of population we have an 80% target market for retailing products and services.

Now that we know how big our retail market is we can conclude that our business opportunity is in the other 20%.

Here then is the dilemma – within the 80% who will be our customers and within the 20% who will join and build the business with you. A further dilemma is who in the 100% is likely to be in the 20% and who in the 80%.

Well the answer is we don’t know – so the process begins – and that then is our business – sorting through people – engaging people in conversation about their life – finding out do they fit the business or customer profile – either way play your cards right and you are on a winner. Retail customers are required to build the business now more than ever before.

I remember listening to a tape by Dexter Yager where he said “you talk to a lot and you find a few – talk to a lot and find a few” – stick to the basics.

Now just how do you do that – well most people need some form of basic training in approaching people in the correct way as to add to their chance of success. Success is never guaranteed in any walk of life especially business – so doesn’t it make sense to learn the fundamentals of the business from people who have walked the walk before you.

So like any job or business the majority can’t just walk in and be successful – there has to an education process and our business is no different – we have the process that most people prefer it’s called ‘on the job training’ and ‘earn as you go training’. The question who is more suited to carry out this training? People who have blazed the trail or theorycrats [great word that] from behind a desk. Defined training courses are essential but active ongoing trainng has to be a winner in terms of keeping people motivated.

When Amway Calls:

When Amway calls who will be there to answer. As we await the decision of the courts and we get on with operating the only part of the business open to us i.e. retailing – we ask the question what will be the strength of the active ABOs when the re-launch of the business finally happens.

We also understand that the high pin ABOs have had training sessions with Amway the content of which was very good and by all accounts should have been open to all ABOs. With the lack of communication from leaders in the field and Amway having closed work shops i.e only open to the chosen few, where are the Certified Retail Consultants to get the required training in time for the relaunch of the business and sponsoring.

When Recession Bites:

As recession bites across the UK & Ireland are we missing the start of what could be our best opportunity to grow the business in years? Peoples finances are hurting out there, it is very obvious the credit crunch is having a serious effect on life style. There is a lot of talk these days about work life balance – ok in times of growth but not in times of cutbacks. In times of growth and increased wealth new side industries shoot up – people have a larger disposable income and they aspire to lifes little pleasures – but what when they may be forced to surrender these perks? – nobody wants to go backwards – lose face among their friends. This young generation has never known recession – do they know how to cut back – cut their cloth to their measure – maybe some do but there are hard lessons ahead. It is those who came through the 70s ,80s & early 90s that may just have the advantage now – the chance to be a mentor, a teacher, a leader, tough times call for tough people – people with ‘stickability’. If only we could show those beginning to hurt how to make enough extra money per month to take care of the car payment or the mortgage payment or keep the 2nd car, isn’t that what this business is about and through that find some leaders who want to build a strong network. Man I wish I could prospect & show the plan again – Amway Amway Amway if only we could.

Retailing with Confidence:

Retailing with Confidence – can we in the current climate?

While retailing is an integral part of the business and is part of the make up of an ABOs business can we retail with confidence during this period of  uncertainty? Do you feel like you have only half a business – is half a cake better than no cake at this time?

Seminars & Weekend Functions:

Seminars & Weekend Functions – have they a place in the ‘New Amway’.

There was a time when we thought we could never live without them. Now that we have survived do we really believe that we can build a people business without the association of like minded people?

Building a Business

Building a Business – almost a year on can we rebuild?

Notice: Amway (UK) has extended the moratorium on sponsoring activities until further notice. This means that ABOs may not currently engage in any sponsoring activities until the time when Amway (UK) has lifted the existing moratorium on registering new ABOs in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We are confident that we can count on your support and compliance until Amway (UK) accepts registration of new ABOs and informs you that you may resume sponsoring activities in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Transitional ABO Contract.