The Yager group has announced that Amway legend, Crown Ambassador Dexter Yager has died at the age of 79.


Worth reading – click the link – Can We be Direct

Direct selling today is a $169 billion (USD) global industry that’s compelling and competitive – and sometimes confusing to those who don’t know it well. With nearly 90 million people involved in direct selling businesses worldwide, Amway knows a commitment to honesty, transparency and improving understanding is critical to success.
That’s why Amway joins the member companies of more than 60 national and regional direct selling associations in the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations in upholding best practices and exemplifying ethical conduct. And it’s why Amway is committed to answering the tough questions about its business. Here are answers to six of our most commonly asked questions about the industry, business integrity and owning an Amway business.

Can We be Direct:

Line of Sponsorship:

This communication was recently posted on by Demo – makes interesting reading and maybe also shows there are continuing problems. It is good to see Amway recognizing a problem – but it remains to be seen if they will take action when required.

To: All European Leaders

Amway has a responsibility to ensure that it will protect the integrity of the Line of Sponsorship, the reputation of the Amway Business Opportunity and the business opportunity of the Amway Business Owner. We ask for your help and co-operation in this important position.

Events can occur which can leave a great deal of business turbulence in their wake. A particularly unsettling event is one in which individuals attempt to influence others, for whatever reason, to change their position in the Line of Sponsorship.

Amway’s Rules of Conduct and Commercial Principles contain provisions for such movement.

In order to proactively inhibit such activity, Amway is announcing the following position in Hungary, Ukraine and Russia, which shall remain in effect until further notice:

1. Amway will not consider or approve any transfer request, unless the request has already been received and is being processed.

2. Amway will not consider or approve any application as the result of the 6 month/2 year inactivity rule, unless the request has already been received and is being processed.

Another unsettling event is one in which an ABO at the Platinum or above level elects to change his training support to associate with another ABO or to a different LOS. This action can create great turmoil and potentially negatively impact the reputation of Amway. The situation is even more serious when the Platinum attempts to influence others to join him.

Therefore, in all European Markets with immediate effect, Amway expects all ABOs, particularly those at a leadership level, to continue working with the ABOs who they receive their current training support from.

Each individual ABO may choose the training support and motivational resource of their preference. However, under provisions of the Rules of Conduct and Commercial Principles applicable in various markets, ABOs are generally prohibited from soliciting other ABOs who are not personally sponsored by them to purchase independently produced products and services, including BSMs and event tickets.

Amway will vigorously support provisions that restrict unauthorised solicitation and will take action to ensure that it is observed by all ABOs.
Amway’s goal is to ensure stability in the ABO organisation and create a sense of comfort at events. Therefore, Amway may choose at its discretion not to invite to Amway events, for a minimum period of 12 months, any Platinum or above who participates in any way in the unauthorised solicitation of other ABOs, or who contributes to any disruption in the Line of Sponsorship or damages the reputation of Amway.

Such disruption may result from changing the supporting Platinum or above with whom they are currently co-operating in order to affiliate with a different Platinum or above for training and support. Amway may also elect not to invite to Amway events any Diamond who is associated with the organisation of such training support of the Platinums for a minimum period of 12 months.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

Peter Strydom
Vice President of Sales
Amway Europe