Why Amway – Why Direct Selling – Why Network Marketing:

If ever there was a time to look at a new income option this is it.

With the recession still biting and reduced incomes why not -Take Control of your Future –  Look at your options can you get a pay rise in the next two years  in a conventional job, if you are self employed are you working harder that ever just to stand still.

Take a serious look at your revenue streams and then take a look at Amway. Amway is a ready made business opportunity; it’s a proven business with over fifty years experience in the direct selling and network marketing industry. One thing we can be sure of is that as long as there are customers there will be sales people, as long as there is a need for a product there is a sales person to sell it. Selling is an honourable career and a career that has so much potential that it is worth investigating to see if it is an option for you.

If it is immediate income you are after then you all you have to do is sell/retail top quality Amway Products. There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling you get knowing that you have filled a need for a customer. Amway carry a wide range of products under three main categories Home, Health & Wellness and Beauty. Everybody we know uses a product that can be replaced by an Amway product – so it may be only one product you sell to a customer with the 100% satisfaction guarantee but whether it’s one or ten products you sell you are on your way to building your Amway Business.

If you have leadership qualities and are ambitious then you can lead your own team with the potential to earn a larger income with other bonus payments.

There is so much doom and gloom talk around that it is often difficult to see what is right under your nose – look into direct selling as an opportunity to expand your income – look into Amway as the market leader in the industry and know that what you are doing is filling the needs of customers,  who will only be delighted to give you repeat business if you look after them well.

Go on have a go – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Think Big 09 Conference Report:

I recently attended the Think Big Conference in Coventry UK – these are a few thoughts on it: Anyone else that was there if you would care to leave a post please do so – it’s more important that you think.

The professional way the function was run is a credit to Amway and their staff. I see in Andy Smith a man that is trying hard to build credibility with the field but at the same time lead a company into it’s next phase of development. It amazed me the amount of ABO’s that were registering on the day for the conference – maybe it just proves people leave things to the last minute in every country. There was a great buzz around the conference and it was fantastic to see all the new growth – the excitement of the speakers was infectious and without doubt they are leading their groups to higher levels. It was good to see some old heads speak – Trevor Lowe & Stephen Stranney – two steady leaders of integrity that have pride in the Amway Corporation. A number of incentives were announced but overall you got the feeling that Amway is back with a bang – strong leadership is important and the Amway management are in my opinion leading the way. They are pumping money into the UK/ROI market and it is there for any of us to work for our share – how big the share is up to us because Amway want the challenge of paying out big rewards – so let’s not disappoint them.

Sponsoring in Recessionary Times

In these recessionary times network marking is having a surge in ‘lookers’ this was posted recently over on Amway Talk

http://www.nbc13.com/vtm/news/local/article/people_turn_to_network_marketing_in_soft_economy/59952/ and it’s great to see Amway mentioned and the Amway logo on screen. Whats more important is that in these times of downturn in the world economy people are looking for opportunity – so talk to people and see if they are looking seems to be the message.

Amway UK Announces Football Sponsorship

Amway UK Announces Football Sponsorship


Other official partners of the MK Dons include Marshall, Buckingham, Case Security, Thomas Cook, McCann Homes and many more!

This sponsorship provides a great opportunity to increase the awareness of Amway and NUTRILITE™ as well as support for a successful local football team and a link to the local community.

Amway UK will provide the team with health and nutritional products with expert advice from our product trainers, so that they are at their physical best! Our aim is also to work with the MK Dons to support our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy by doing some local charity work with the club that is vital to our contribution in the local area and for our commitment to the UNICEF One by One programme.

Amway on the Road Again in Ireland:

Well that’s the first series of open opportunity meetings over for January – Belfast, Athlone & Dublin – It was a great start to the new year and there were good numbers at all meetings. Amway are on the move again in Ireland and by all accounts there are a series of meetings planned for England, Scotland, Wales – not sure what happens on Jersey & Gurnsey.

At all meetings there was a representative from Amway present and he gave a short talk after the presentation. It is great to see Amway promoting the open meetings by email and on the websites I am sure this is encouraging ABOs to get off the couch and attend the meetings. There is one thing I know for sure the rooms will not be big enough next month – If you were an ABO at any of the meetings all you have to do is bring one new person back with you next month and Amway will have a challenge squeezing you all in.

Amway a Business for Today:

Amway a Business for Today:

Considering all the challenges our business has gone through over the years and more so in the past twelve months – is Amway a business for today?

Certainly if we consider that economies are on the downturn, there must be a percentage of the population that is looking for an opportunity to increase their income and maintain their lifestyle – but was that not always the case?

If we consider the 80 – 20 rule – http://management.about.com/cs/generalmanagement/a/Pareto081202.htm then we can to come to the conclusion that most people will not do what it takes when it comes to succeeding in business. Now many people are happy with their lot in life and to this end they are entitled to be left to what ever it is they are happy with. Just imagine out of every 100 head of population we have an 80% target market for retailing products and services.

Now that we know how big our retail market is we can conclude that our business opportunity is in the other 20%.

Here then is the dilemma – within the 80% who will be our customers and within the 20% who will join and build the business with you. A further dilemma is who in the 100% is likely to be in the 20% and who in the 80%.

Well the answer is we don’t know – so the process begins – and that then is our business – sorting through people – engaging people in conversation about their life – finding out do they fit the business or customer profile – either way play your cards right and you are on a winner. Retail customers are required to build the business now more than ever before.

I remember listening to a tape by Dexter Yager where he said “you talk to a lot and you find a few – talk to a lot and find a few” – stick to the basics.

Now just how do you do that – well most people need some form of basic training in approaching people in the correct way as to add to their chance of success. Success is never guaranteed in any walk of life especially business – so doesn’t it make sense to learn the fundamentals of the business from people who have walked the walk before you.

So like any job or business the majority can’t just walk in and be successful – there has to an education process and our business is no different – we have the process that most people prefer it’s called ‘on the job training’ and ‘earn as you go training’. The question who is more suited to carry out this training? People who have blazed the trail or theorycrats [great word that] from behind a desk. Defined training courses are essential but active ongoing trainng has to be a winner in terms of keeping people motivated.

Nutrilite Training:

Over on thetruthaboutamway cmfitzg posted this – Amway UK/ROI now has a module on the Amway Academy on “Nutrilite Active Lifestyle” bringing in the new Strive and FitH2O products as well as existing offerings and providing our first web-based training course.

The first of many we hope (and have been told)

Of course at first I couldn’t find it but after instructions from cmfitzg I located it and it turned out to be a training session on Nutrilite product range with a small test included. – yes of course I did the test and passed – by the way 80% is the pass mark – no problem right! Ok here is how to get to the Amway Academy – log in to your Amway UK or ROI and then go to – My e-officeAmway Academy – then click Amway Academy. Do the test and good luck.

Now I do have one question WAS THIS NUTRILITE FEATURE PROMOTED BY AMWAY TO THE ABOs – I certainly did not see any reference to it anywhere so if any ABO has the answer can they post it here.