Do we suffer from lack of leadership? This is a question I have pondered on for some time now. During my time in the business I have always admired the Diamonds in their leadership role – that is until this forced moratorium in the business and the ban on meetings. Have our leaders and I’m including Platinum & above lost their way or their will. How after all the years of being on a ‘system’ to improve people skills can they not understand that the ‘ordinary’ ABO is crying out for leadership in this time of change and uncertainty. Have the ‘Leadership’ heard of the email, the phone, the hotel lobby for a cup of coffee, what constitutes a meeting? How about house meetings for ‘Product Training’? For years we have heard the vital need for association – don’t miss a seminar, support your local open, the importance of the week-end functions – now that these meetings have been banned by Amway does that mean the end of leadership & association?