We Are A Cure for the Common Cubicle – Inappropriate Conversations

Do you work in an office environment? Has this happened to you? Amway’s business opportunity is a CURE for the common cubicle. You can work where and how you want. Start your Amway business today at www.amway.ie/user/ireland


It’s official ! 

 Amway will be opening it’s Dublin Centre in Blanchardstown in 2014.
We understand Amway have taken possession of the keys and work on the fit out will begin shortly.
Watch this space for more news soon.
Proposed Date for Official Opening is Sept. 1st

Amway Opportunity Meetings in Ireland:

Some great news for Amway in Ireland. The amount of Open Opportunity Meetings have been expanded in April to take account of the growth in the Irish Market.

The idea behind these business presentations is to assist Amway Business Owners [ABOs] in presenting the opportunity to new people and for new and existing ABOs to discuss learn more about their Amway Business.

As these meetings form part of Amway’s support to ABOs there is no entry fee, therefore every ABO should avail of the meeting in their area.

Even if ABOs do not have guests or new ABOs to bring to the meeting they should come along to meet the team, learn the business and support Amway – after all they are supporting us.

This is the list taken from the latest email form Amway:
April Amway Opportunity Meetings

Weekly Amway Opportunity Meetings at the UKFEC

Please be reminded that we are holding weekly Opportunity Meetings at the London Centre every Tuesday at 8pm!! Be sure to bring along your prospects and let them hear about the Opportunity from some of our most successful Amway Leaders.

Awmay Opportunity Meetings in Ireland –
All meetings will start at 8pm

1st Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
5th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge – NEW ADDITION!!!
8th Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
12th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge – NEW ADDITION!!!
15th Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
19th Apr 2010 Galway Clayton Hotel
19th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge – NEW ADDITION!!!
20th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge
20th Apr 2010 Limerick Lynch South Court Hotel – NEW ADDITION!!!
21st Apr 2010 Cork Cork International Hotel – NEW ADDITION!!!
22nd Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
26th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge – NEW ADDITION!!!
29th Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel

Yours sincerely

Andy Smith
General Manager & Director, Amway UK and RoI



Why Amway – Why Direct Selling – Why Network Marketing:

If ever there was a time to look at a new income option this is it.

With the recession still biting and reduced incomes why not -Take Control of your Future –  Look at your options can you get a pay rise in the next two years  in a conventional job, if you are self employed are you working harder that ever just to stand still.

Take a serious look at your revenue streams and then take a look at Amway. Amway is a ready made business opportunity; it’s a proven business with over fifty years experience in the direct selling and network marketing industry. One thing we can be sure of is that as long as there are customers there will be sales people, as long as there is a need for a product there is a sales person to sell it. Selling is an honourable career and a career that has so much potential that it is worth investigating to see if it is an option for you.

If it is immediate income you are after then you all you have to do is sell/retail top quality Amway Products. There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling you get knowing that you have filled a need for a customer. Amway carry a wide range of products under three main categories Home, Health & Wellness and Beauty. Everybody we know uses a product that can be replaced by an Amway product – so it may be only one product you sell to a customer with the 100% satisfaction guarantee but whether it’s one or ten products you sell you are on your way to building your Amway Business.

If you have leadership qualities and are ambitious then you can lead your own team with the potential to earn a larger income with other bonus payments.

There is so much doom and gloom talk around that it is often difficult to see what is right under your nose – look into direct selling as an opportunity to expand your income – look into Amway as the market leader in the industry and know that what you are doing is filling the needs of customers,  who will only be delighted to give you repeat business if you look after them well.

Go on have a go – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Amway Seminar March 7th 2010

Amway held it’s 2nd business Building Seminar of 2010 in Johnstown House Hotel today Sunday March 7th – This was a fantastic event with some great speakers and a product display. One unique feature of these Amway events in Ireland is the ticket price and what happens to the funds. Tickets are €5 i.e. five euro per ABOship. ABOs enter their name, ABO number and nominate a local children’s charity – during the seminar a draw takes place and the chosen ABO will get to present the funds to the chosen charity.

Back to the speakers we had a new 21% telling us how they did it and Pat Stranney teaching on how to get started and to close the evening we had executive diamond Jackie Gulick on rewards and lifestle.

We also had Andy Smith General Manager & Director, Amway UK and RoI speaking on company updates etc.

All this in a little town just outside Dublin in the Republic of Ireland – what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Amway Business Seminar 7th Feb 2010

Amway held it’s first business seminar in Rep. of Ireland on Feb 7th in the Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth, Kildare. There was a very large turnout and we should get official figures from Amway. Products were on display and there were also product demos and sampling.

Amway will be very pleased that the Irish and adopted Irish were out in full force – so much so that they are holding another seminar on March 7th 2010.

Paul Christophers was the main Amway guest speaker of the day but there were other local speakers that spoke about how they built and are building their business.

Overall is was a great success and one can definitely say the Amway business is alive and well in Ireland.

Business Seminar Amway Ireland January 2010

This just announced by Amway UK/ROI:

Dear ABO,

2010 January Kick Off  –  Ireland

Welcome in 2010 with the first Business Building Seminar of the year.

We would like to open this invitation to ROI ABOs and to those in the UK with groups in the ROI.

The day will focus on your business – we want to motivate and stimulate your minds! The speakers on the day will ignite your desire to build your Amway Business even bigger than before.

We are looking forward to having a great day with –

  • Guest speakers
  • How to get started as a new ABO training
  • Recognitions
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Corporate updates
  • Charity raffle on the day (proceeds to a children’s charity in ROI)

Venue:                Glenroyal Hotel,
Glenroyal Centre Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Date:                Sunday 10th January 2010
Time:                1pm – 5.30pm
Price:                €5.00 / £5.00 per ABOship
Dress Code:        Smart

Speak to your upline in ROI for tickets or contact the ABO Service team for information about tickets and availability.

Exciting times are ahead for all ABOs in the ROI! We hope you will join us on this journey as we build our Amway business together with the Amway corporate team!!

See you there!!!!!!!

DeVos, Van Andel talk about Amway at 50

DeVos, Van Andel talk about Amway at 50

No mid-life crisis for company

Updated: Friday, 22 May 2009, 7:47 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 22 May 2009, 5:25 PM EDT

ADA, Mich. (WOOD) – Though Amway is 50, it’s not in any mid-life crisis.

Founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, the Ada-based company now boasts 13,000 employees and 3 million distributors worldwide. Amway is now in 80 countries and territories, earning $8.2 billion last year.

The next generation has been running the company for a while, but the focus is on the future, not the past.

“We’ve all in the second generation figured out you can’t compete with the first generation, so we don’t even try,” Amway president Doug DeVos told 24 Hour News 8. “Throughout our lives, Dad and Jay have been our best cheerleaders there for all of us and all of us in the business…So what we do is work together to apply the principles to keep the business together, founded on the principles to do what you can to make the business better.”

Chairman Steve Van Andel said Amway started with “basically soap, detergent, products we still have today. But we’ve added cosmetics, nutrition, water filters and air filters because the market demanded us to shift. We had a different need. We’ll continue to look at those new things.”

Co-founder Rich DeVos agrees, but took a moment to reflect.

He said there “were hard days where we had to stand up for this business and fight for it, when other people accused us of wrongdoing or not running the business correctly. It was always questioning the whole concept of the business.”

The elder DeVos, now 83, said Amway “pioneered two things. We pioneered the marketing of traditional (personal) products, and then pioneered the whole multi-level marketing system. We proved this business. Mainly, we’ve proven it works for people who work for it.”

He thinks the business could “double or triple” in the future because the Amway business “door is open to anyone – the uneducated, the impoverished, people who don’t speak well. Our door is open.”

One of the goals, the co-founder said, “is to remain a family-owned and family-run business, if possible.”