Business Seminar 10th January 2010 POSTPONED

Hi Everyone just in case you did not get official confirmation the Amway Seminar due to take place in Maynooth Ireland this Sunday January 10th is POSTPONED due to adverse weather conditions.
The new date is Sunday February 7th SAME TIME SAME PLACE anyone who has tickets please hold on to them as they are valid for February. It is important that you get the message out there to your teams and also make sure that they enter the new date in their diary.
Keep building your business in January and encourage your new people to come along to the Seminar.


Choosing a Network Marketing Company:

When choosing a Network Marketing Company to partner with there are things to consider.

1: The history and financial strength of the company.
2: The product range.
3: The satisfaction guarantee behind the products.
4: Is there a buy back rule in place on products?
5: Do you have to pay upfront money for products or training tools [tapes, cds, books, etc.]?
6: Is the company a member of the DSA – Direct Selling Association of Ireland & UK. ?
7. Is the company progressive and do they offer training [free or at a nominal charge]?
8. Do the company pay out bonus’s on time and direct into a bank account?
9. Is it FREE to register or join?
What I am saying here is – do your homework – remember you are getting involved in a business – the object is for you to make some money – many people who get involved in network marking come from an employee background and mindset and are not initially ready for the struggles of a business and the delayed rewards.
There are many great companies who sell their products & services through the network marketing business model and all have their own ways of doing things. Remember some companies are around a long time and have proven they are reputable, the less know ones although reputable can be narrow focused and a bigger struggle to build a network.
My advice for what it’s worth – get involved in this great industry and have a go – you might just beat the recession.


Success in the Amway buisness is based on sustained effort.  Can success in Amway replace the average industrial wage which in Ireland is approx €33,000??? The answer is yes but how long it takes is entirely based on your sustained effort – it is achieved through a combination of selling Amway products and building a network of people who also sell Amway products and build a network of people. A balanced combination of both arms of the Amway business is what is required to achieve your desired level of income. It is said a recession is an opportune time to build an Amway business, this is because people are looking to expand or sustain their level of income. Network marketing is an ideal low cost buisness model – indeed Amway have no setup fees or registration fees – so you fledgling business is off the ground and you don’t even have to write a cheque or use the credit card – not a bad deal in a recession or indeed anytime.             If you are looking for an opportunity in these hard times network marketing is definitely an option. 

One Year ON:

We are fast approaching the May 4th anniversary, it is hard to believe but it is almost one year on since we received the first bombshell email from Amway. With still no news from the courts – what now for ABOs – can we continue to stay loyal to a business that is in limbo as far as growing your network is concerned. There is no doubt that the new product launches create some excitement but this is only short lived – because understanding network marketing means understanding that people are at the center of all we do – growing groups is the key to success in networking. From my contacts around the British Isles I know we have lost a lot of old loyal IBOs and we have even lost some of those that have re-signed as ABOs – human nature being what it is people move on to other things in life – you can only keep people dangling for so long eventually they fall off. What are your views one year on???