Direct Selling Defies Recession

Take a look at this news item from the BBC –
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Take a fresh look at Network Marketing:

Take a fresh look at Network Marketing as an income option.
It’s a time of financial uncertainty, job & business insecurity and yet there are still many people who just will not look at an alternative business opportunity. We are more educated than ever before, we can check the true facts on the internet and yet there are still people who when searching the net get directed to sites that are not official company sites or credible industry related ones.
Network Marketing as an industry is legal, ethical and abides by all the laws of the country in which it operates – in fact it’s own industry controls are often stricter and tighter than that of the legal regulations. All credible Network Marketing and Direct Selling Companies are members of the Direct Selling Associations and this is a great organisation to check out a company you may be thinking of joining.
So it is time to look again at a home based business – give it an honest try and you will be amazed at the results. If you are prepared to put in the effort and work the results will come along sooner than you might think.
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Why Amway – Why Direct Selling – Why Network Marketing:

If ever there was a time to look at a new income option this is it.

With the recession still biting and reduced incomes why not -Take Control of your Future –  Look at your options can you get a pay rise in the next two years  in a conventional job, if you are self employed are you working harder that ever just to stand still.

Take a serious look at your revenue streams and then take a look at Amway. Amway is a ready made business opportunity; it’s a proven business with over fifty years experience in the direct selling and network marketing industry. One thing we can be sure of is that as long as there are customers there will be sales people, as long as there is a need for a product there is a sales person to sell it. Selling is an honourable career and a career that has so much potential that it is worth investigating to see if it is an option for you.

If it is immediate income you are after then you all you have to do is sell/retail top quality Amway Products. There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling you get knowing that you have filled a need for a customer. Amway carry a wide range of products under three main categories Home, Health & Wellness and Beauty. Everybody we know uses a product that can be replaced by an Amway product – so it may be only one product you sell to a customer with the 100% satisfaction guarantee but whether it’s one or ten products you sell you are on your way to building your Amway Business.

If you have leadership qualities and are ambitious then you can lead your own team with the potential to earn a larger income with other bonus payments.

There is so much doom and gloom talk around that it is often difficult to see what is right under your nose – look into direct selling as an opportunity to expand your income – look into Amway as the market leader in the industry and know that what you are doing is filling the needs of customers,  who will only be delighted to give you repeat business if you look after them well.

Go on have a go – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sponsoring in Recessionary Times

In these recessionary times network marking is having a surge in ‘lookers’ this was posted recently over on Amway Talk and it’s great to see Amway mentioned and the Amway logo on screen. Whats more important is that in these times of downturn in the world economy people are looking for opportunity – so talk to people and see if they are looking seems to be the message.

When Recession Bites:

As recession bites across the UK & Ireland are we missing the start of what could be our best opportunity to grow the business in years? Peoples finances are hurting out there, it is very obvious the credit crunch is having a serious effect on life style. There is a lot of talk these days about work life balance – ok in times of growth but not in times of cutbacks. In times of growth and increased wealth new side industries shoot up – people have a larger disposable income and they aspire to lifes little pleasures – but what when they may be forced to surrender these perks? – nobody wants to go backwards – lose face among their friends. This young generation has never known recession – do they know how to cut back – cut their cloth to their measure – maybe some do but there are hard lessons ahead. It is those who came through the 70s ,80s & early 90s that may just have the advantage now – the chance to be a mentor, a teacher, a leader, tough times call for tough people – people with ‘stickability’. If only we could show those beginning to hurt how to make enough extra money per month to take care of the car payment or the mortgage payment or keep the 2nd car, isn’t that what this business is about and through that find some leaders who want to build a strong network. Man I wish I could prospect & show the plan again – Amway Amway Amway if only we could.